How will you benefit?

USi programs, such as Accent Reduction, Online Composition,
Cross-Cultural Discussion group, will :
  • Make you comfortable in different communication situations
  • Relieve your physical discomfort and mental anxiety in your second language
  • Show you how to give yourself time to think AND speak
  • Give you a cultural framework for your communication
  • Allow you to be yourself - and express it successfully in another culture
  • Identify your strengths and what you need to work on
  • Let you explore your communication styles
  • Allow you to be playful with language and culture
  • Push you to be more creative
  • Push you to go after things that seem difficult for you
  • Give you strategies to balance speaking and silence

Programs will enhance your image in your professional life, your social surroundings and your presence in the world :

  • Make you feel and look better
  • Make others pleased and comfortable around you
  • Expose you to the latest trends in communication and learning
  • Elevate your status
  • Meet your needs
  • Make you look more professional in other cultures
  • Improve your self-image in your second language
  • Help you adapt to different situations
  • Give you much greater versatility in your second language
  • Allow you to spend time with the experts of our profession
  • Provide you an exclusive and unique course of studies designed just for you
  • Rehearse you through social and professional situations

For nearly a decade, USi has been helping employers such as Deloitte Touche, Samsung and Mobil maximize the effectiveness of their international executives through our comprehensive communication training.